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Environmental Statement

We use the highest quality materials in our products that are 100% designed and handcrafted in the USA. Our displays and mirror bases are made from solid steel. The mirror faces are made from high quality beveled glass. We use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Our products are made from a high content of recycled materials. Most steel we purchase is milled using 90% recycled and 75% post consumer, scrap ingots.

Our Manufacturing facility uses energy-efficient lighting throughout the facility. We recycle everything we can, wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, steel and many other by-product waste streams. At CARA we are "green". Cara manufacturer's goal is to be a recognized leader as a sustainable product manufacturer and being conscientious about the raw materials we use and waste streams we produce and how we handle these. We are "walking the talk" not just saying the word.

Cara is a division of Leader International; a company committed to continually implementing new green initiatives in an effort to minimize environmental impact. By accepting our share of responsibility and truly managing our business in a manner that positively impacts our environment, we contribute daily to providing products that are sustainable and add to enriching our surroundings.

Cara's parent company, Leader International Corporation, recently completed (Oct 2007) its new 93,000 sq ft corporate facility with sustainability and environmental concerns high on its list during the construction process. It is equipped with energy efficient HVAC systems and uses heated air from its two large screw compressors to facilitate heating the 81,000 sq ft factory portion of its facility. Excess heat from the 12,000 sq ft office is also diverted to the factory, adding an additional heat source. Much of the steel used to construct the facility was fabricated from recycled steel and other recycled materials. The foundation and floors, base compacting materials, retaining walls, and wheel stops were manufactured from recycled concrete, plastics or crushed road material.

To allow for natural light and to reduce energy consumption, Leader's new manufacturing and office facility includes more than 50 energy efficient argon filled thermo pane windows, R-48 insulation in the roof, R-28 in the sidewalls & R-19 between floors in the 2-story office, and installed insulated overhead and man doors throughout the factory. To ensure continuous air movement, a temperature controlled ventilation system was installed in the factory. This system minimizes the impact of heat on the equipment, captures and filters dust and smoke, and particulates and reduces high-ceiling heat-a major factor in avoiding the need for factory A/C in the summer.

Leader's facility has recycling stations at every desk used for day to day recycling of paper products, magazines and junk mail. The company also has recycling stations throughout the factory used for scrap steel, aluminum and stainless steel, plastics and paper, cardboard and Styrofoam.

Our manufacturing processes and the materials used in production are constantly reviewed to ensure that we are maximizing our ability to produce sustainable products that will be acceptable in LEED certified projects. Leader is committed to using high contents of post-consumer, post-industrial recycled steel, plastic and other substrates, wood obtained from managed forests, and fabrication processes that use recycled tooling and disposables.

With all of our products, sustainability is the first consideration during the design phase and this concern is carried throughout the prototype, fabrication and finishing processes. Our environment is our responsibility and we see it as our duty to contribute to a bright and sustainable future.